Ways to Create a Dust-Free Home

Ways to Create a Dust-Free Home

1. Install an Air Purifier

No matter how clean your home may be, it’s probably still a little dusty. It’s an annoying problem that everyone has to deal with every day. All those particles that make up dust add up, dirt, pollen, mold spores, dead skin cells, hair, and fabric fibers, as well as airborne pollutants such as wood ash, chemicals, and vehicle exhaust. For individuals who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems, learning how to get rid of dust is of vital importance because it can otherwise compromise their health and quality of life.

Minimising the amount of dust in your home makes a huge difference in air quality, and it can help prolong the life of furniture, appliances, and household electronics. Keeping your home as dust-free as possible requires vigilance and consistency. It all starts with a regular weekly cleaning: washing and dry-cleaning pillows to rid them of dust mites, vacuuming furniture and drapes regularly. Here are some simple suggestions on how to maintain your home so the air is as clean, comfortable, and as dust-free as it can be.


April 30, 2020 | 2:44 pm