Things you can clean with vinegar

Things you can clean with vinegar

2. Plastic chopping boards

It’s surprising how many things you can clean with vinegar around the home. It’s white vinegar that can help keep everything hygienically clean, the key is to dilute it with water and any other natural extracts or essential oils to add a lovely scent. Vinegar is made from acetic acid so this makes it a natural disinfectant for so many germs including salmonella. It can be great for some kitchen surfaces and appliances, as well as in the bathroom. It’s a brilliant product to have in the store cupboard and avoids using store-bought abrasive cleaners.

A word of warning, though undiluted vinegar can damage natural stone and wood, so always check or dilute really well before using vinegar for cleaning. If you use store-bought household cleaners, you are probably already cleaning with vinegar, since it’s made with acetic acid, an ingredient in some cleaning products. Vinegar is very effective at cleaning precisely because of the acid, which will break down grease, grime and dirt easily.


March 7, 2022 | 10:21 am